Eve of Day 1

So it’s the eve of the first day of the challenge.  Here is what has happened the last week.

1) Prior to the new year I enjoyed/gorged on food that I use to enjoy in my “old life”.  I wanted to get the cravings/desires out of my system.

2) Had my Wellness Evaluation at Crossfit North Peoria.  This meant I had my fasting cholesterol and blood pressure taken so I could see what the diet does internally.  I feel like we all focus so much on the external appearance that we don’t acknowledge the internal changes that are happening to us.  I mean that’s really what matters, right?  It isn’t our fat that’s going to kill us necessarily, it’s the cholesterol, it’s the high blood pressure, it’s the stress on our heart, etc.  Not only that, but you can still be “skinny-fat”, man I wish I had that problem.  LOL!  So the numbers weren’t bad.  I was within the normal percentiles, so at least that’s good.  I know that I’m over weight, but I’m not as internally “unhealthy” as I thought.

3) The gym decided that a good “base” workout to evaluate our progress would be Fight Gone Bad.  Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this workout it’s a BEAST!  It is a named workout.  What does that mean?!  It’s exceptionally hard and suppose to make you suffer.  (Well at least that’s my opinion of the named workouts).  Anyways, it’s 3 rounds.  Each round you complete 1 minute each of Wall Balls, Sumo-High Pulls, Box Jumps, Push Presses, and Rowing.  The reps are counted for each exercise except for rowing which is for calories.  Then you get 1 min rest and repeat for 3x total.  Your score is the total of reps/calories for all 3 rounds.  (There are a large number of videos on the internet to show Fight Gone Bad, should you want to see the pain.)  Back in my Fit days I broke 300 and was very proud of it.  I knew going into the workout that breaking 300 would be very, very challenging.  Put on top of that I had to fast prior to this workout for the cholesterol test, it was going to be extra-challenging.  Yea I could have eaten between the test and the workout but I had not desire to see my breakfast a 2nd time as it came back up.  So let the pain begin.  I started out doing well with the wall balls and High Pulls.  55# is the prescribed weight, which is really easy for me.  Enter the box jumps, ugh!!  I took off on my first one and thought OMG!  I had no strength in my legs.  I had no gas in the tank and knew I had 2 options.  Continue jumping and pray I didn’t miss the box and split open my shins, or suck it up and do step-ups. I decided to do step-ups.  I finished the workout with a score of 243.  Not bad for not eating and being out of shape, but not great either.  Well at least I knew what my starting point was.

4) I weighed and took measurements, gag me!!  Never felt so disappointed in myself when I took the measurements.  But I keep telling myself, this is the starting point and the numbers are going to go down from now on.  I took a number of measurements: neck, arms, waist, hips, thigh.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a loss, because even if the weight isn’t decreasing as much if the inches are coming off then I know fat is being replaced by muscle.  I think that’s one of my biggest struggles is getting sucked into the vortex of the scale.

5) That brings me to the next achievement  which was to make my husband hide the scale.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to weigh myself for 1 month.  This allows me to focus on my food, my body, my mind, and my workouts and not on the scale. I tend to weigh myself daily to see how food effects me and then reward or punish myself accordingly.  Time to get off that roller coaster.

Well at least now I have all my starting points and I’m ready to tackle this beast.  During the prep-week I’ve also been focusing on making healthier choices, eating breakfast, not eating when I’m not hungry just because, and pitching the crap food in the house.  I’ve received 2 new cookbooks that I’m adding to my collect (Everyday Paleo & Make It Paleo).  I have enjoyed flipping through the cookbooks and planning yummy meals to make.

Oh and add to this the fact that I’ve caught the nasty cold that everyone has been getting.  So the constant sneezing, runny nose, and cough is extra fun!!! 😛  It makes my asthma flair up with the addition of the cold air outside.  Luckily it’s suppose to warm up some (~40 degrees) so hopefully it should help curb some of the coughing.  Just going to have to listen to my body, as I try to take it easy with chest colds.  Head colds are one thing, but chest colds are not fun as it takes my air away.

So enough of my ramblings.  It’s time to start the new life of 2013.  Let the games begin!! Thank you all for your encouragement!


Let the countdown begin

So there is 1 day until the first of the year and although the challenge at crossfit doesn’t officially begin until the 7th, I plan to begin the sugar detox. So of course I am doing 2 things…..
1) Bingeing on my favorite junk food (Dr. pepper, Popcorn, Homemade Apple Pie with Ice Cream, etc)
2) Prepping some easy meals to prevent the fall off the wagon.

While I was making another yummy yet un-paleo meal for a family Christmas party, I decided to throw together my go-to meal, soup! So I opened the fridge to figure out what I could throw together. What I came up with was a curried broccoli-kohlrabi soup. My soup made 6 mason jars (~12 cups) worth of soup. I love making this soup, freezing it, then thawing and adding steak or chicken to it for lunch.

Here’s the recipe, but feel free to substitute any left over veggies you may have sitting around. I hope you enjoy!

1 onion (chopped)
3 shallots (chopped)
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1 bunch of broccoli (chopped)
2 kohlrabi bulbs (not sure what you call them/ chopped)
1 medium apple (chopped)
3-4 cups chicken or beef broth (or both)
1 Tbsp curry powder
1 cup coconut milk
Salt & Pepper to taste

Heat a medium sauce pan over medium-high heat and add the coconut oil. Once heated add the onion and shallots and sauté till translucent and soft. Add the broccoli, kohlrabi, and apple and sauté for a couple minutes. Then add the broth and curry, adding additional water if necessary to cover the vegetables. Simmer for 7-10 min or until the broccoli is soft. Remove from heat and either using an immersion blender or food processor, purée to desired consistency. I like to leave a few vegetable chunks in the soup. Next add the coconut milk and simmer until heated through. Taste and add any salt or pepper to your liking. Then, enjoy or add some protein to form a complete meal.

Vegetables simmering:

Finished product:

Why I’m doing this and the rules to the game.

Let me start my biting the bullet and admitting I love food and unfortunately I love it a little too much. My weigh has been a constant struggle for me and I have tried many things to get it under control. 

A few years back I was introduced to Crossfit and began my love/hate relationship with it, as anyone who has done it would understand.  Along with crossfit came a new way of eating.  I learned about Paleo and the harmful effects of the things I was eating.  Through the last couple years I’ve slowly encorporated Paleo eating into my life, but have never fully devoted myself to it. 

Well I decided in 2013 I was going to make the move to dive fully into the Paleo lifestyle as well as to Crossfit. I have found a new gym, Crossfit North Peoria, that has a wonderful group of supportive people.  They decided to do a 60 day strict paleo challenge to kick off the new year.  I decided now was the best time as ever to start this journey. 

So here are the rules:
1. Eat real food – meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, oils (like EVOO or coconut). Eat foods with very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients, or better yet, no ingredients listed at all because they’re fresh and natural.
2. Do not eat dairy. This includes butter, cheese (hard and soft), yogurt (even Greek) and milk (including cream in your coffee).
3. Do not eat grains. This includes bread, rice, pasta, corn (I count corn as a grain), oatmeal, and all of those gluten-free pseudo-grains. That’s not real food, right?
4. Do not eat legumes. This includes beans of all kinds, lentils, and peanuts. (No peanut butter, kids.)
5. Do not eat sugars of any kind, real or artificial. No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, Splenda, Truvia, Stevia, etc.
6. Do not eat processed foods. ONLY EXCEPTION WILL BE PROTEIN SHAKES FOLLOWING A WORKOUT.mages, and other content

On top of that I’m throwing in a challenge that my friend Claudia did last year which is to run 365 days this year.  The running doesn’t have to be long (1 mile minimum) but the goal is to get off the couch and off the desk chair.  Of course the down side is that my work doesn’t have a shower, and that I now live in IL it’s cold as heck now.  Luckily we do have a treadmill in the garage which I’m hoping helps.  It is still going to be a challenge as i am not a “natural-born runner”.  I’m one of those that has to struggle through the runs, plus I’m also not known for my speed.  But your resolutions are suppose to be a challenge, right?  So that’s what this is. 

For me I think the main challenge will be the eating.  I am definitely one that knows how I am suppose to eat, it’s just implementing the change.  [standing up] Hi, my name is Kala and I’m a popcorn addict!  Goodness do I love popcorn.   I think that is one of my main downfalls, a nice big bowl of buttery popcorn.  Of course my will-power after the gym isn’t as strong either.  My husband loves chinese food and when he suggests it after a hard workout and i don’t feel like cooking, I tend to cave.  So this will be a test of my will-power.  So join me on my journey to health and fitness in 2013.  If nothing else, enjoy the recipes I post.  🙂