Day 10 – recipes galore

So it’s day 10 now. Only 50 days left. Pssst that’s nothing, right? Well this week was eventful, I decided to change the way I make food by planning my “menu” ahead of time. So on Sunday I sat down with a warm mug of bone broth, my cookbooks, and iPad and began to plan. I got the inspiration from Melissa Joulwan’s book Well Fed. She talks about how she preps everything on Sunday. So I decided on a variety of meals:
Breakfast: acorn squash with sausage & breakfast lasagna.
Lunch: leftovers from the night before
Dinner: Beef fried fo-rice, smokey chicken thighs, Best Ever Chicken Wings, creamy spice market kale from Well Fed, Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, and sautéed cabbage.
Snacks: Paleo crack dip (we will get to this) and sweet potato chips, roasted red peppers, and hard boiled eggs.

Afterwards I wrote out my grocery list and off to the store in went. People ask how you shop for paleo and the best tip I have is shop the outside. When you are at the grocery store stick to the outer edge of the store (produce and meat). The only times I venture down the aisles is A) when the husband needs something non-paleo or B) I need frozen veggies, spices or coconut/olive oil. When I was done I had about $100 of groceries and it looked like this:


From there I spent a few hours prepping the food and making food. First I had to feed my belly as it was protesting. So I threw together my tried and true quick recipe, Beef Fried-fo Rice, courtesy of my friend Sunny! Miss her!

Chicken or Beef Fried Rice
1lb beef or chicken (sliced into strips)
1 head of cauliflower
2 Tbsp + 1 tsp (divided) coconut oil
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
1 bunch or bag of broccoli
1 red pepper
2 eggs, scrambled
1inch of ginger, grated
3 Tbsp coconut aminos
1 Tbsp fish sauce

Heat a large skillet over med-high heat. Add the beef or chicken. While it cooks prep your veggies and “rice” the cauliflower either by pulsing in a food processor or with a cheese grater. Once the meat is done remove from the pan and set aside. Add 1 tsp of coconut oil to the pan and add the eggs. Scramble the eggs and set aside. Add the remaining 2 Tbsp of oil and add the garlic. cook the garlic a minute, then add the veggies. Cook 5-7 min till done to your liking. Add ginger and cook another minute. Add the cauliflower and cook 3-4 min till soft but not mushy. Add the meat then add the coconut aminos and fish sauce. Add salt to taste. Serve and enjoy!


So yummy!

The upsides of this week were the fact that my husband unhid the scale for one day and I had lost 8lbs! Yay! I have a long way to go but hey every pound is a victory! At the gym I managed to find my push ups and double unders. Not bad week so far! To be continued……


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